Genesis organises lectures every year at Pisa University around a common theme, the genesis of the architectural process. The events are free and open to everyone; furthermore, each lecture guarantees formative credits by self-certification, following the release of a certificate of attendance by our staff.

Genesis was conceived by the Organizing Committee with the support of the Scientific Committee, formed by teachers and students from the Architectural Engineering course of the Engineering School – University of Pisa.

Scientific Committee

Prof. Arch. Luca Lanini

Prof. Ing. Marco Giorgio Bevilacqua

Ing. Fabio Candido

Lorenzo Ciancarini

Ing. Brunello Favilla

Organizing Committee

Lorenzo Ciancarini

Ing. Brunello Favilla

Paola Pulella

Valentino Tagliaboschi

Caterina Caffarri

Serena Bertolini

Pietro Pellegrini

Media Partner

Cultural Association 120g


Fabio Santaniello Bruun


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Formative Credits

Every year we take the commitment to ensure that all the engineers participating in the conference receive one or two credits for each lesson. Together with the presentation of the conferences in 2019, we will confirm the number of recognized credits.