Elisa Valero Ramos runs her own practice in Granada and is also Full Professor of Architectural Projects at the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Granada. She has led various governmental research projects and has been invited to lecture all around the world.

She began her career in Mexico with the restoration of Felix Candela’s work, ‘Los Manantiales‘, and wrote her first book at the Academia de España in Rome. Since 1997, her workplace has been a small office in front of the Alhambra.
She is interested in living space, architecture for children, landscape, sustainability, precision and an economy of expressive resources.
Elisa Valero has gained many national and international successes, including the 2016 Honourable Mention arcVision Prize – women and architecture; the 2011 1st Prize, «Abitare il Mediterraneo» called by the UMAR, Italy; Finalist XI Biennale of Spanish Architecture Kindergarten in Chana (Granada), in 2010.